1. Plain: Coffee, sandwich (choose between cheese, ham/ cheese, salami/brie, egg/tomato. 59 kr/pp

2. Tasty: Coffee, sandwich, youghurt (choose topping, granola, nuts, berries) or smoothie. 95 kr pp

3. Healthy: Coffee, healthy bread, avocado, egg, overnight-oats (choose topping, granola, nuts, berries) 105 kr pp

Add juice (apple or orange) 25 kr pp


1. Todays lunch with sallad buffé, coffee and bread 120 kr Vegetarian 110 kr

2. Sallad (choose between pasta, bulgur, quinoa / shrimp, chicken, greek, salmon 110 kr

Swedish fika

1. Plain: Coffee, cinnamonbun (choose between bun, croissant, chocolate-cake, carrot-cake. 55 kr pp

2. Sandwich: Coffee, sandwich. 59 kr pp

3. Luxury: Coffee, filled croissant, or other cake. 75 kr

Healthy: Coffee, rawfoodball, fruitsallad. 102 kr pp

Daily Package

1. Breakfast + lunch + fika 269 kr pp

2. Breakfast + lunch 205 kr pp

For other options please contact us for more information

Booking & Payment


Fruitbasket (mixed fruit) 15 kr pp

Fruitsallad (portions) 45 kr pp

Smoothie 45 kr

If you have any allergies or other questions please contact Anna Mannerström, + 46 708 31 82 20 or

Volvo Jakobs Väg 17 (PVD) 418 78 Göteborg, tel. + 46 708 31 82 20,

Catering Guidelines

Delivery with Volvo 250 sek

Pick-up at Harvest – no cost

Drop-off – The food is packed in take away boxes

Dinner catering: Minimun 20 pers, buffé, 2 or 3 courses (needs extra staff/chefs) we leave a proposal and a quote)

Order Process

Catering booking must be done 3 days before the event before 15:00 (so that foood and service can be as expected)

Must be done the day before the event, before 10:00 (otherwise full payment)

The guest must come in with a PO number the day before the event.

Pay in the restaurant or invoice if agreed.